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2004 Computer and Information Science Seminar Series

This page provides a list of seminars that will be presented on the dates specified at 1:00pm in the Archway 2 lecture theatre. Where available, an abstract of the seminar can be displayed by clicking on the title of the seminar.

All dates and speakers should be considered tentative until the week of the seminar!

If you wish to be added to a mailing list in order to automatically receive announcements of the weekly seminars, then please send an e-mail message to the seminar list administrator.

Semester 1


February 18 (Venue: Burns 2)
What is the Fuss about Agile Methods?
Professor Frank Maurer, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary

February 20 (Venue: Burns 5)
Rendering Cracks in Batik
Dr Brian Wyvill, University of Calgary

February 25
Computer Simulation of Multi-Person Prisoners' Dilemmas
Professor Miklos N Szilagyi, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona


March 5
Feature Selection and Face Detection
Dr Brendan McCane, Department of Computer Science

March 12
A "fruitful" relationship between horticulture and information science
Brendon Woodford, Information Science

March 19
New Paradigms in Multimedia Management and Search
Dr Stefan Rueger, Department of Computing, Imperial College, London

March 26
Issues in ICA analysis of MEG/EEG Data
Carl Leichter, PhD student, Department of Information Science


April 2
Game Development
Simon McCallum, Department of Computer Science

April 9
Good Friday

April 16
Mid-Semester Break

April 23
"Time-line" Hidden Markov Experts for Time Series Prediction
Xin Wang, Department of Information Science

April 30
The Programming Contests
Andrew Trotman, Department of Computer Science


May 7
Dr Strangebook or How I Learned to Stop worrying and Love XML
Dr Nigel Stanger, Department of Information Science

May 14
Towards a Notion of Game-theoretical Consequence
Paul Harrenstein, PhD Student, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

May 21
An agent-based workflow management system (WfMS)
Maryam Purvis & Tony Bastin Roy Savarimuthu, Department of Information Science

May 28
Swirling-sweepers: Constant Volume Modeling
Alexis Angelidis, PhD student, Department of Computer Science


June 4
Feature Analysis of Intrusion Detection Data Through Evolutionary Computation
Grant Dick, PhD student, Department of Information Science

End Of Semester One

Semester 2

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