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2008 Computer and Information Science Seminar Series

This page provides a list of seminars that will be presented on the dates specified at 1:00 pm in the Archway 2 lecture theatre. Where available, an abstract of the seminar can be displayed by clicking on the title of the seminar.

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Semester 2


July 11
Stacks, deques, and permutations
Mike Atkinson, Department of Computer Science

July 18
Edutainment with Augmented Reality
Andreas Duenser, HITLabNZ, University of Canterbury

July 25
Networks, language and the brain
Associate Professor Maria Markosova, Comenius University, Slovakia


August 1
The RepRap Project - Open Source meets 3D printing
Reece Arnott, School of Business Tech Services

August 8
Update on the Oman Project
Dr Ian McDonald, Department of Computer Science

August 15
The Importance of the Unremarkable: How Twittering is shaping a micro-universe of minutiae and the mundane
Andrew Long, Department of Information Science

August 21
Experimental Measurement in Computing
Alistair Moffat, University of Melbourne

August 22
Telecommunications (Intercept Capability) Act 2004
Cameron Kerr, Department of Computer Science

August 29
Mid-semester break - no seminar


September 5
Brief Encounters: Case-Based Learning in Aviation Safety
David O'Hare, Department of Psychology

September 12
A human-machine dialogue system for computer-aided language learning
Alistair Knott, Department of Computer Science

September 19
COSC360 2008
Tim Elder, Co-ordinator of COSC360, Summer School 2008

September 26
When do you Want a Perceptron?
Nathan Rountree, Department of Computer Science


October 3
Engineering Collective Transactional Contexts in Virtual Spaces to enhance Academic and Professional Development.
Russell Butson, Higher Education Development Centre

October 10
'The Dome' - Virtual Reality on a Shoestring
Geoff Wyvill, Department of Computer Science


November 14
Logic Puzzles
Hans van Ditmarsch, Department of Computer Science

November 21
Generating Sequential Triangle Strips by Using Hopfield Nets
Jiri Sima, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague

November 28
Connectionist Systematicity in Language Processing
Igor Farkas, PhD, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia

End Of Semester Two

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